Connecting care teams in a mobile environment

How Clinivid integrates with MediRecords 

Dr Gaveen Jayarajan is a GP providing services to a number of aged care facilities. He is busy in visiting aged care homes, seeing patients, and communicating with the aged care nurses to support patients remotely, when he is not able to see them onsite. 

To manage his time wisely and provide better care to his patients, Dr Jayarajan needed a solution to help him communicate with nurses in an instant and secure manner, keep track of each patient’s updates, and automate the record keeping in his MediRecords clinical information management system. 

Linking mobile communication and medical records 

Clinivid and MediRecords worked together to provide an integrated solution for Dr Jayarajan through MediRecords’ APIs. As a result:

1. Patient search

Dr Jayarajan logs into his Clinivid mobile or Web App and can search for his patient data from MediRecords when starting a conversation with the nurses.




2. Add information

Dr Jayarajan and the patient’s care team can share all types of patient information instantly with each other. This may include taking an image of a wound, sharing the latest pathology results or recording a video that shows the mobility of the patient. The doctor and the nurses can safely use their own or preferred device: mobile phone, tablet or desktop computers to participate in the care team conversation.



3. Archive conversation

From his Clinivid web or mobile app, Dr Jayarajan can easily archive the whole conversation, including any images or reports shared, to the patient’s clinical correspondence in MediRecords.


Connecting Care team instantly and remotely 

Clinivid and MediRecords integrated solutions make multidisciplinary care instant and easy. Patient information is secure at all times. With automatic creation of a medical record, everyone saves a lot of time. 

Clinivid secure messaging is also applicable for care teams in hospitals, chronic disease management, mental health care and for virtual patient handovers.

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About Clinivid

Clinivid is an Australian based company enabling safe and mobile clinical information sharing across the whole health care sector. Fitting seamlessly into existing workflows in practices and hospitals, our mission is to improve the way clinicians connect, communicate and collaborate to increase efficiency, minimise risks and help provide better patient care. Clinivid offers secure mobile messaging and clinical meetings enabling information sharing across the whole health care sector.

About MediRecords

MediRecords is an Australian health technology company that has developed a cloud-based clinical and practice management system for GP’s, Specialists and Allied Health Professionals. The MediRecords complete suite of connected real-time products streamlines your day to day tasks; reduces your operating costs; simplifies the ongoing configuration, backup and security of your clinical information; increases patient engagement and improves patient outcomes.

For more information about integrating with MediRecords please contact MediRecords at 

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